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5:2 Health Diet App

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Forme et santé Cuisine et boissons
Développeur Stockholm Applications Laboratory AB
1.99 USD

Welcome to the 5:2 diet and the 5:2 Health Diet App.

The 5:2 Health Diet App guides you through your diet. You start by entering the criteria for your fasting and then you sit back and relax while the app gives you the instructions on how to proceed.

Set the days you want to fast and decide on reminders in Settings. You chose the daily hours and intensity of reminders preferred.

You can keep daily track of your consumption and chose from the calorie lists or make your own items and add to your list, to be sure you never go over your desired intake. You can enter weight and other measurements in your graphs and keep a daily check on your values and a lot more.

With the quick start you begin in seconds and you are off to go into the better health of 5:2 intermittent fasting. Choose items from the auto calculating calorie list. Get reminders and check your graphs for your progress regardless if it is health or weight.

Welcome to the 5:2 Health Diet App